Friday, June 25, 2010

I have a heart full of tears.
I have eyes that can not produce them.
I'm all cried out!
Because I can not cry
they are drowning me.
I swallow my pain
as my pain swallows me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Came Down

I have fallen in love with this song. From the moment I heard it, it has made my heart flutter with such happiness and peace. I close my eyes and I can truly feel my self in heaven worshiping the King. Brian Johnson has such a wonderful anoiting with his voice which touched my heart with such heavenly presence.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks for the Reminder!

My life has been a real roller coaster. I sometimes contemplate the idea of writing a book. Ha! If I only had the time. But yes, I sometimes think that I would like to write about all the things that have happen to me.
Like today I was once again reminded that no one loves me like God! My mother is a nice woman who at the same time thinks she can tell me what I can and can not do. She makes me feel like my life has not been to her admiration and that her friends daughters have better and most prosperous than mine.
Enough! Leave me alone. I may not have the best things, but I do have what a lot of people don't have and that is my Lord Jesus!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yup, birds and bees time.

Wow, I have been away for a while since life has all its u turns and winding roads a lot has happened since. My children are growing up so fast and with that comes more unforeseen problems, adventures, laughter and the birds and the bees talk. Yup, I thought I was gonna be this cool mom who could talk about the subject with no hesitation until I have been put to the test. I could not leave this subject to my husband who likes to joke about everything so I told him I wanted to be present. Well, I knew I had to be there for he talked about the subject with funny remarks and I keeped kicking him under the table. My son on the other hand couldn't even look at me and his face was turning red. Ok, we had a brief and calm not too much detail conversation and yet I thought I wanted to die. Oh, my word, the boy is 11 and this talk was much to soon for me but as we live in a society that has been contaminated with the world now days children grow up just to FAST!