Monday, May 3, 2010

Yup, birds and bees time.

Wow, I have been away for a while since life has all its u turns and winding roads a lot has happened since. My children are growing up so fast and with that comes more unforeseen problems, adventures, laughter and the birds and the bees talk. Yup, I thought I was gonna be this cool mom who could talk about the subject with no hesitation until I have been put to the test. I could not leave this subject to my husband who likes to joke about everything so I told him I wanted to be present. Well, I knew I had to be there for he talked about the subject with funny remarks and I keeped kicking him under the table. My son on the other hand couldn't even look at me and his face was turning red. Ok, we had a brief and calm not too much detail conversation and yet I thought I wanted to die. Oh, my word, the boy is 11 and this talk was much to soon for me but as we live in a society that has been contaminated with the world now days children grow up just to FAST!