Monday, November 16, 2009


Lately my life has been navigating in the middle of a storm. Being a christian we are taught to trust the Lord in all of our circumstances and yet most of the time we too become like the disciples who felt stranded on the boat and feared sinking that night. Mark 4 35-41
I don't trust that Jesus is with me at times like these and I lose my faith!
When I first became a born again christian I had a hard time understanding when people would tell me that all is in the Lord's timing. What is his timing? God I am not ready for this! Help! Why? It's not fair! Wait, I am not ready for these things to occur and yet they come at me fast!
This is how I reacted during these times. Now is a little different. I roll with the punches a lot better and know that a lesson is always in order during your storm.
Now my new struggle is with understanding the saying that God won't give you more than what you can handle. That saying is testing me to the limit! I feel like I can not handle the problem and the sadness that has come at me in the past two weeks. To see a person you love not care for themselves and try to take advantage of your kindness.
At the beginning of this I wanted to help with a loving and giving heart and see this person grow. Now they go on their own and not accept council, advice, mentoring and love. I just pray that all goes well for them and the new baby!

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