Friday, October 30, 2009

The H1N1 has invaded our home!

All over the news all you hear is about the H1N1 and how dangerous it is. Well the flu has invaded my house and my two little ones were the ones that got sick. By the grace of God, to them it was like a really bad cold.
My boy got the most fever and was not given the Tamiflu because he had pass the first 48 hours with no medical care. I honestly just thought he had a cold but since the fever was not letting up we went to see the doctor. At first when he told me it was positive I was like OH NO! I tried not to freak out and stay calm.

He began to explain to me about the other family members that were at greater risk. I then began to get worried for my husband and daughter. My husband has a history of asthma and my daughter was premature. They were the ones most at risk, so my husband was put on the medicine but my daughter was not. The doctor just told me to keep and eye on her if any of the symptoms showed up. The next day we were back at the doctor because she was now the one with the fever. She was then put on the Tamiflu and is getting better.

My advice to all the moms is stay calm and get medical attention as soon as you can. Since my boy got sick over the weekend I just waited for the office to open on Monday so I kind of do feel guilty for waiting so long. So follow your motherly instinct and be alert to the signs. Again, it is very important to not freak out if someone in your household does get sick. Use lots of hand sanitizer and masks.

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